Minor Distractions – AHL Chicago Wolves 1st Half 2019-20

The Chicago Wolves have now played 38 games which means they are half way through the 2019-20 AHL season. So it seems like a good time to take a look and see how the team has performed thus far.


Team Stats

Chicago is currently 4th in the Central Division, 7th in the Western Conference, and 20th in the AHL with a 17-17-4 record (50.0 P%). They are 29th in the league with 2.39 goals for per game, 10th with 2.87 goals against per game, and 25th with a 45.5% goal differential.

They have gone 27/156 for a 17.3 PP% (#18 in the AHL) and stopped 121/126 for an 80.2 PK% (#24). They have given up 5 shorthanded goals against (9th most in the league) and have scored 3 shorthanded goals of their own (19th).

They have gotten better, moving up in to playoff contention, and have gotten better defensively giving up fewer goals against and improving on the PK, although their numbers still aren’t great. On the other hand they actually managed to get even worse offensively, scoring fewer goals and converting less often on the PP. The fact that they are improving is a positive sign, but they still need to be better.



Oscar Dansk went 12-6-1 with a 2.67 GAA and 90.5 Sv%. He is 22nd in GAA and 28th in Sv% out of 53 qualified netminders.

Garret Sparks went 4-11-3 with a 2.58 GAA and 91.4 Sv%. He is 19th in GAA and 16th in Sv% out of 53 qualified goalies.

Dylan Ferguson hasn’t played since his brief call up in the 1st Quarter.

Sparks has posted better overall numbers but remarkably Dansk has won three times as many games. While the goaltending hasn’t been remarkable this year neither of them have been bad, and their inability to win games seems to have more to do with the lack of scoring in front of them. They are doing well working together as a tandem splitting games evenly.



The top scorers are Jimmy Schuldt 5G/11A in 37gp and Dylan Coghlan 6G/10A in 37gp. Then Brayden Pachal 1G/4A in 28gp, Jaycob Megna 2G/4A in 37gp, and Zach Whitecloud 2G/2A in 27gp followed by Jake Bischoff 3A in 29gp and lastly Brett Lernout 1A in 26gp. Schuldt is 5th in the AHL for rookie D scoring.

On the PP Coghlan had 4G/6A, Schuldt 2G/7A, and Whitecloud 1G/1A. If we look at just ES then Pachal has a better per game total than Coghlan and Megna moves up to be even with him, while Bischoff slightly edges out Whitecloud.

Megna leads the way at +4 followed by Pachal at +1 while Schuldt broke even at +0 and Lernout was at a -1. However at the extreme end we have Whitecloud -6, Coghlan -10, and Bischoff -12.

Nic Hague has been in the NHL since his brief appearance in the 1st Quarter while both Cliff Watson and Olivier Galipeau have been back down in the ECHL since our last update.

Schuldt has been the best offensive D while Megna has been the the best defensive D, so which one you think has been the top D is up for debate. Pachal has also been a fairly effective two-way D while Coghlan is wholly an offensive D and PP specialist who gets majorly outworked at ES. Lernout is pretty much what you expect of him, he’s a defensive/physical guy and while he doesn’t add much offense he at least isn’t terrible in his own end. Whitecloud and Bischoff have both been rather disappointing as not only have that not put up many points they also managed to give up an awful lot of goals against.



The top scorer is Brandon Pirri 8G/11A in 20gp since being sent down, then Lucas Elvenes 7G/24A in 38gp, and Gage Quinney 7G/15A in 28gp. Nicolas Roy has boucned around a lot and is back up in the NHL again but has 6G/10A in 22gp while Valentin Zykov has 4G/4A in 11gp since being sent down, and rounding out the Top 6 would be Curtis McKenzie 12G/11A in 38gp. Nex Tye McGinn has 10G/5A in 38gp, Keegan Kolesar 8A in 23gp, Reid Duke 7G/5A in 35gp, and Patrick Brown 5G/6A in 38gp. Then the rest of the rookies Ben Jones 2G/3A in 22gp, Paul Cotter 1G/4A in 35gp, Jake Leschyshyn 2G/2A in 38gp, and lastly Jermaine Loewen 1G/1A in 20gp before being sent down to the ECHL. At the bottom we have Tyrell Goulbourne 1G/2A in 33gp. Elvenes is #3 in the league for rookie scoring and #20 amongst all AHL skaters.

On the PP Elvenes has 3G/12A while Pirri, Quinney, and McKenzie all had 4G/6A, then Zykov 2G/3A and Roy 2G/2A. McGinn has 1G while Kolesar, Duke, and Jones have 1A each. Shorthanded we have Brown at 2A while McKenzie, Roy, and Duke have 1G each. Looking at just ES Roy would be the top scorer while Quinney moves up to edge out Elvenes. Then McGinn is just above McKenzie while Zykov falls below Duke.

Quinney leads the way at +4 followed by Zykov +1 and Leschyshyn breaking even at +0. McGinn and Jones are at -1, Pirri -3, Roy and Kolesar -5, and Loewen and Goulbourne -6. Then Brown -8, McKenzie -10, Elvenes and Duke -11, and Cotter -12.

Jonas Rondbjerg has still not returned to play, Matt Boudens had 1 additional scoreless game (-4 in 6gp) before being released, and both Anthony Petruzzelli and Brett McKenzie have also been back down in the ECHL since our last update.

Quinney has been the best two-way forward while both Roy and Pirri were better offensively than defensively but still rather effective. Elvenes has been exceptional offensively but severely lacking in his own end. McGinn, Kolesar, and Zykov are fairly effective two-way guys while McKenzie, Duke, and Brown have been solid in their own end but gave up too many goals against. Goulbourne has been about what is expected, he is a physical guy so he’s not going to score mch but unfortunately he has also given up a little more than we would like to see. The other rookies have also been a bit unimpressive, although they are inexperienced still so we can’t say it is unexpected to take time to adjust… Jones and Leschyshyn haven’t scored much but at least also don’t give up much against, unlike Cotter who got massively outworked in his own end. Lastly Loewen wasn’t doing so great, which he is a physical guy so we don’t expect much offense, but he gave up a bit more than we’d like.

Author: TKNoodle

I write about hockey, mostly focused on the Pittsburgh Penguins and Vegas Golden Knights. NHL, AHL (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and Chicago Wolves), ECHL (Wheeling Nailers), and various prospects from my teams playing in Europe (SHL, Liiga, KHL, etc...), the Canadian Major Juniors (OHL, QMJHL, and WHL), and in the NCAA (and some in lower tier juniors prior to joining the NCAA).

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