Vegas Golden Knights 3rd Quarter 2019-20

The Vegas Golden nights have now played 61 games in the 2019-20 NHL season which means they are three quarters of the way through the season now. So we are going to take a look and see where they stand thus far. The overall data comes from Hockey Reference while 5-on-5 data is from Natural Stat Trick and is all up to date prior to playing game #62 on Thursday February 20.


Team Data

Vegas has gone 31-22-8 (24-7-8-22) through the year, outscoring their opponents 189-183 and outshooting them 2105-1813. They are currently 3rd in the Pacific Division, 6th in the Western Conference, and 15th in the NHL with a 57.4 P%.

They are 15th in the league with 3.10 goals for per game, 12th with a 3.00 goals against per game, and 14th with a 50.8% goal differential. They lead the league with 34.5 shots for per game, 5th with 29.7 shots against per game, and lead the NHL with a 53.7% shot differential. They are 20th with a 9.0 Sh%, 20th with an 89.9 Sv%, and 25th with a 98.9 luck differential.

They scored on 37/172 power play opportunities for a 21.5 PP% (#12 in the NHL) and stopped 151/193 opportunities against for a 78.2 PK% (#22). They have scored 9 shorthanded goals (3rd in the league) and only gave up 3 shorthanded against (also 3rd).

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Vegas Golden Knights – Defensive Pairings

We are currently in the All-Star break, a little over half way through the 2019-20 NHL season, and are a month away from the February 24 trade deadline. The Vegas Golden Knights have had their struggles this year, particularly in their own end, so the buzz in the rumour mill has been discussing what kind of moves they could make to get better on D. So I wanted to take a look at the defensive pairings and try to figure out what their issues may be.


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Pittsburgh Penguins 1st Half 2019-20

The Pittsburgh Penguins completed the first half of the 2019-20 NHL season this weekend, although I forgot to save the data so we are actually looking at their first 42 games of the season rather than 41. I started typing this up 2 days ago and they have already played their 43rd game, but the data is all only through 42.


Team Data

The Pens went 25-12-5 (18-7-5-12) through the first half, outscoring their opponents 140-113 while outshooting their opponents 1402-1244. They are 3rd in the Metropolitan Division, 4th in the Eastern Conference, and 5th in the NHL with a 65.5 P%.

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Vegas Golden Knights 1st Half 2019

The Vegas Golden Knights finished their 41st game of the season on Friday, meaning they are now halfway through the 2019-20 NHL season. I was a bit busy over the weekend but did take the time to save the data before their 42nd game on Saturday, so we will be looking at just the first half data.


Team Data

Vegas went 20-15-6 (15-5-6-15) through the first half, breaking even scoring at 122-122 while outshooting their opponents 1389-1281. After their 41st game they were 3rd in the Pacific Division, 8th in the Western Conference, and 18th in the NHL with a 56.1 P%.

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Jack Johnson – Is he better this year?

I still follow a few of the local people on Twitter so yesterday I saw an article from The Athletic about Jack Johnson ($) and saw the replies from Jesse Marshall and Josh Yohe responding to a fan that was complaining they are trying to defend Johnson and that he still sucks. That isn’t what the article was about though, so I thought I would take a stab at it since I rather enjoy playing with stats.

So I am going to take a look at Jack Johnson’s performance under Mike Sullivan with the Pittsburgh Penguins these past two seasons as well as the prior three seasons when he played for Sullivan’s mentor John Tortorella on the Columbus Blue Jackets. In order to compare it accurately I used a WOWY, taking the team’s D totals minus Johnson’s numbers (i.e. how the team plays when he is not on the ice) and used that to look at relative values to see how his performance stacks up compared to previous years.

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