Vegas Golden Knights 2019-20 Salary Cap

The Salary Cap for the 2019-20 NHL season has been set at $81.500M. I used CapFriendly in order to obtain the contract details (including Waiver Exemptions and No-Trade Clauses).

Salary Cap and AHL/ECHL contracts are up to date as of October 1, 2019.

There is a 23-man active NHL roster limit (ignoring players on the IR), a 50-man active contract limit (ignoring 18-19 year olds returned to their developmental teams), and a 90-man reserve list (which includes unsigned picks and defected players).





NHL Vegas Golden Knights (22) – $83.088M ($81.438M AAV plus $1.650M Bonus)


Goaltenders (2) – $7.850M

29 Marc-Andre Fleury – $7.000M for 3 more years – No Trade Clause (Lists 10 teams he CANNOT be traded to)

30 Malcolm Subban – $0.850M for 1 more year


Defensemen (7) – $19.575M ($18.775M AAV plus $0.800M Bonus)

88 Nate Schmidt – $5.950M for 6 more years – No Trade Clause (Lists 10 teams he CANNOT be traded to)

27 Shea Theodore – $5.200M for 6 more years

3 Brayden McNabb – $2.500M for 3 more years

22 Nick Holden – $2.200M for 1 more year

5 (A) Deryk Engelland – $1.500M ($0.700M AAV plus $0.800M Bonus) for 1 more year

15 Jon Merrill – $1.375M for 1 more year

4 Jimmy Schuldt – $0.850 for 1 more year – Waiver Exempt


Forwards (13) – $57.596M ($56.448M AAV plus $1.148M Bonus)

61 (A) Mark Stone – $9.500M for 8 more years – No Move Clause

67 Max Pacioretty – $7.000M for 4 more years – No Trade Clause (Lists 10 teams he CANNOT be traded to)

26 Paul Stastny – $6.500M for 2 more years – No Trade Clause (Lists 10 teams he CANNOT be traded to)

71 William Karlsson – $5.900M for 8 more years

81 Jonathan Marchessault – $5.000M for 5 more years – No Trade Clause (Lists 8 teams he CANNOT be traded to)

19 (A) Reilly Smith – $5.000M for 3 more years – No Trade Clause (Lists 8 teams he CANNOT be traded to)

21 Cody Eakin – $3.850M for 1 more year

75 Ryan Reaves – $2.775M for 1 more year

9 Cody Glass – $1.713M ($0.863M AAV plus $0.850M Bonus) for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

92 Tomas Nosek – $1.000M for 1 more year

73 Brandon Pirri – $0.775M for 2 more years

28 William Carrier – $0.725M for 1 more year

7 Valentin Zykov – $0.675M for 1 more year


Injured Reserve – $4.750M

89 Alex Tuch – $4.750M for 7 more years


Season Opening Injured Reserve – $0.000M

2 Zach Whitecloud – $1.492M ($0.925M AAV plus $0.567M Bonus) for 1 more year (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

53 Marcus Kallionkieli – $0.796M for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt; Slide Risk


Retained Salary – $0.500M for 2 more years




AHL Chicago Wolves (25)


Goaltenders (2)

30 Garret Sparks – $0.750M for 1 more year

35 Oscar Dansk – $0.675M for 1 more year (2-way)


Defensemen (8)

? Nicolas Hague – $0.863M ($0.792M AAV plus $0.072M Bonus) for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

3 Brayden Pachal – $0.765M for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

? Jake Bischoff – $0.717M for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

? Dylan Coghlan – $0.717M for 2 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

24 Jaycob Megna – $0.700M for 1 more year (2-way) – AHL Tweener

8 Brett Lernout – $0.700M for 1 more year (2-way) – AHL Tweener

48 Brycen Martin – ECHL Contract

6 Cliff Watson – Professional Try-Out (ECHL Kansas City Mavericks)


Forwards (15)

? Reid Duke – $0.925M ($0.770M AAV plus $0.155M Bonus) for 1 more year (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

46 Jonas Rondbjerg – $0.900M ($0.807M AAV plus $0.093M Bonus) for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

21 Jake Leschyshyn – $0.894M ($0.745M AAV plus $0.149M Bonus) for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

13 Lukas Elvenes – $0.870M ($0.743M AAV plus $0.127M Bonus) for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

? Keegan Kolesar – $0.863M ($0.661M AAV plus $0.203M Bonus) for 1 more year (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

43 Paul Cotter – $0.773M ($0.737M AAV plus $0.037M Bonus) for 2 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt; Slide Risk

? Nicolas Roy – $0.773M ($0.678M AAV plus $0.095M Bonus) for 1 more year (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

? Curtis McKenzie – $0.750M for 1 more year – AHL Veteran

14 Ben Jones – $0.727M for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

9 Gage Quinney – $0.715M for 1 more year (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

? Patrick Brown – $0.700M for 2 more years (2-way) – AHL Veteran

12 Tyrell Goulbourne – $0.700M for 2 more years (2-way)

22 Tye McGinn – AHL Contract – AHL Veteran

38 Jermaine Loewen – AHL Contract

47 Brett McKenzie – ECHL Contract




ECHL Fort Wayne Komets (29)


Goaltenders (4)

35 Dylan Ferguson – $0.683M for 3 more years (2-way) – Waiver Exempt

41 Max Strang – ECHL Contract

38 Jake Kupsky – ECHL Contract

31 Stephen Dhillon – ECHL Contract


Defensemen (10)

4 Jason Binkley – ECHL Contract

55 Felix Kronwall – ECHL Contract

15 Carl Greco – ECHL Contract

25 Kyle Haas – ECHL Contract

65 Will Petschenig – ECHL Contract

8 Eric Israel – ECHL Contract

3 Chase Stewart – ECHL Contract

62 Olivier Galipeau – ECHL Contract

9 Marc-Olivier Duquette – ECHL Contract

43 Matt Brassard – ECHL Contract


Forwards (16)

? Justin Levac – ECHL Contract

47 A.J. Jenks – ECHL Contract – ECHL Veteran

27 Shawn Szydlowski – ECHL Contract – ECHL Veteran

81 Brad Ross – ECHL Contract

10 Brady Shaw – ECHL Contract

52 Tayler Munson – ECHL Contract

36 Anthony Petruzzelli – ECHL Contract

94 Shane Bennett – ECHL Contract

28 Matt Boudens – ECHL Contract

17 Connor Sanvido – ECHL Contract

24 Gage Torrel – ECHL Contract

22 Isaiah Crawford – ECHL Contract

92 Ian Mackey – ECHL Contract

70 Shawn St. Amant – ECHL Contract

88 Alan Lyszczarczyk – ECHL Contract

61 Taylor Ross – ECHL Contract




Unsigned Draft Picks (17)


Goaltenders (3)

Jiri Patera – 2017 6th round pick (June 1, 2021) – WHL Brandon Wheat Kings

Jordan Kooy – 2018 7th round pick (June 1, 2020) – OHL London Knights

Isaiah Saville – 2019 5th round pick (August 15, 2023) – University of Nebraska-Omaha


Defensemen (6)

Stanislav Demin – 2018 4th round pick (August 15, 2022) – University of Denver

Connor Corcoran – 2018 5th round pick (June 1, 2020) – OHL Windsor Spitfires

Peter Diliberatore – 2018 6th round pick (August 15, 2022) – Quinnipiac University

Xavier Bouchard – 2018 6th round pick (June 1, 2020) – QMJHL Baie-Comeau Drakkar

Kaedan Korczak – 2019 2nd round pick (June 1, 2021) – WHL Kelowna Rockets

Layton Ahac – 2019 3rd round pick (August 15, 2023) – Ohio State University


Forwards (8)

Jonathan Dugan – 2017 5th round pick (August 15, 2022) – Providence College

Nick Campoli – 2017 6th round pick (August 15, 2022) – Clarkson University

Ivan Morozov – 2018 2nd round pick (Indefinite) – KHL SKA St. Petersburg

Brandon Kruse – 2018 5th round pick (August 15, 2021) – Bowling Green State University

Peyton Krebs – 2019 1st round pick (June 1, 2021) – WHL Winnipeg Ice

Pavel Dorofeyev – 2019 3rd round pick (Indefinite) – KHL Metallurg Magnitogorsk

Ryder Donovan – 2019 4th round pick (August 15, 2023) – University of Wisconsin

Mason Primeau – 2019 5th round pick (June 1, 2021) – OHL North Bay Battalion

3 thoughts on “Vegas Golden Knights 2019-20 Salary Cap”

  1. August 5, 2018

    The Vegas Golden Knights currently have 53 players under contract, while NHL rules only allow teams to have a maximum of 50 contracts. However, 8 of them are eligible to have their contracts slide when they are returned to their respective developmental clubs, which means they can actually be at 45 out of 50.

    They have a total of 69 players out of 90 possible on their reserve list. This includes unsigned draft picks and the couple of defected players.


    1. NHL Roster and Salary Cap

      It is actually a little difficult to predict what the opening night roster will look like. For one thing they proved last year that they are willing to waive an older veteran signed to an expensive one-way deal down to Chicago in order to make room for a talented youngster who would otherwise be waiver exempt. However, they have also stated that they are not looking to rush their young prospects, so we can still assume that the guys whose contracts are still slide eligible will not be in the NHL this year. The other issue of course is that they re-signed so many people that even just looking at players on 1-way NHL deals and those who truly deserve to be in the NHL right now they are over the 23-man limit. So some guys will surely end up waived and/or traded that otherwise should be playing in Vegas right now.

      The starting goalie is quite obviously Fleury, but the backup is a harder decision to make. The obvious assumption is that Subban will be the backup because he spent the entire season last year in the NHL. However Subban, Dansk, and Lagace are all rookie netminders of a similar age who are signed to similar 2-way contracts and all of them would need to clear waivers in order to be sent down to the AHL. They don’t want to lose any of them, especially not with the problems they had last season, but they also don’t really have the roster space to carry 3 netminders (and they need to be playing anyway). We’ll assume Subban will be the backup, but they did just re-sign Dansk for 2 years so maybe he is the one they are more concerned about losing on waivers.

      There are currently 8 D signed to 1-way NHL deals plus one final RFA who we assume will be re-signed as he is one of their Top 4 D. 7 of these D were on the NHL roster all last year while another was signed as an FA this summer with the intent of replacing a guy who they lost from last year. So we could assume that they will keep 8 D again: Theodore, Miller, McNabb, Engelland, Schmidt, Holden, Merrill, and Hunt. They could end up using Reinhart, but as he couldn’t make it on the NHL lineup last year I’m not expecting him to be on it this year either. Whitecloud also was on the NHL roster last year, but he’s a rookie who is waiver exempt (and not one of the 6 best D on the roster), so I don’t expect him to make it either. Brannstrom and Hague could probably make it, but they are waiver exempt and their contracts will slide if they play in the Juniors or AHL, so we have to assume they will not be on the NHL roster. Lastly there is Leslie who is on a 2-way deal and will need to clear waivers in order to be assigned to Chicago, but as he finished last season in the AHL we’ll assume he will be back. Because of the excess of forwards I’m going to assume they waive Hunt and go with 14 F/ 7 D.

      There are 17 forwards signed to 1-way NHL deals (16 active since Clarkson is LTIR), plus one more ELC who earned his spot last year. 13 guys were on the NHL roster at the end of the season: Tatar, Karlsson, Marchessault, Smith, Eakin, Reaves, Haula, Lindberg, Haula, Tuch, Nosek, Carrier, and Carpenter. Then there are 3 signed as FAs this summer who are assumed to be in the running: Stastny, McKenzie, and Carr. The last is Tynan who is on a 1-way NHL deal but is expected to be back in the AHL because he was last year. We also have Matteau, Pirri, and Gallant on 2-way deals that need to clear waivers in order to be assigned to Chicago. Then Hyka is a guy who should be in the NHL, but he’s waiver exempt still so we can assume he’ll be in the AHL. Finally Glass and Suzuki are probably capable of being in the NHL now, but as they are still young enough it makes sense for them to go back to Juniors and let their contracts slide a year. Since somebody is getting waived/traded we’re just going to go ahead and pick 14 (15 including IR) F to get us a Cap total.

      G – $6.400M

      D – $14.700M

      F – $48.638M
      (Clarkson IR)

      23 active players – $71.738M

      That leaves them with $7.762M in free Cap space with this lineup (even more if we swap in somebody like Carrier, Carpenter, or Hunt). A large chunk of that will of course be Theodore’s contract, I’m guessing up to $5M. But that still gives them wiggle room to make moves during the season.


      1. AHL Roster

        There is no ECHL affiliate, so there is only one lineup that needs to be filled right now. So even if they are capable of playing in the AHL this year the prospects who can still play in the Juniors probably should be sent back.

        Dansk, Lagace, and Fucale

        Assuming they both clear waivers they will have Dansk and Lagace in Chicago again this year. Fucale is waiver exempt, so he would be the #3 who should be playing in the ECHL (but they don’t have an affiliate for him). Ferguson will be 20 this year so he could turn pro, but with all the goalies ahead of him he may be better off returning to the Juniors for an overage season.

        Hunt, Reinhart, Leslie, Whitecloud, Bischoff, Coghlan, Oligny, and Lough

        Because of the number of D they have there will be guys that should be playing who will not be able to. That is how we ended up with Reinhart still down in Chicago and Hunt having to be waived down, there is just no room for them on the NHL roster. Also because there isn’t enough room for all of the guys they have then the couple young prospects who are eligible to turn pro playing in the AHL this year may just end up back in the Juniors instead. So we can have Bischoff and Reinhart together as a shutdown unit, some combiation of Hunt, Leslie, Whitecloud, and Coghlan with Lough slotting in occasionally and Oligny seldom used unless there are injuries. Then we are forced to send Brannstrom and Hague back to Juniors because they need to be playing big minutes not get stuck deep on the depth chart as half the lineup watches from the press box.

        Carrier, Carpenter, Tynan, Matteau, Pirri, Gallant, Duke, Kolesar, Quinney, Hyka, Macek, Weis, Wong, and Wagner

        We really don’t know yet which forwards will earn an NHL roster spot and who will clear waivers in order to be assigned to Chicago. However, working with what we have we can make a few assumptions. Glass, Suzuki, Leschyshyn, and Jones are too young for the AHL so they’ll be back in Juniors while Elvenes, who could play in the AHL, is expected to be back in the SHL. So that leaves us with 14 forwards, most of whom should be in the NHL but there just isn’t any room for them. Other than Gallant, who is the obvious shoice to the the #14 F who only plays when they need some muscle, I can’t really say who I’d pencil in where. Most of them could be solid Top 6 scorers in the AHL: Carpenter, Hyka, Pirri, Quinney, Tynan, and Macek have all shown they can score at the minor league (or Euro) level while Duke, Kolesar, and Wong all excelled at the Junior level and Wagner and Weis posted solid numbers at the NCAA level. Matteau and Carrier are more suited for the Bottom 6, but at the AHL level may have a nice 2-way shutdown ability.

        Of course we really don’t know what the NHL lineup will look like on opening day. They could waive or trade somebody like Reaves that is penciled in at the NHL level because he was just re-signed to an expensive 1-way NHL deal (but definitely isn’t as talented as the guys he is taking a roster spot away from). They could end up keeping 8 D in the NHL (likely Hunt being up again) which would mean an additional NHL forward would have to be sent down to Chicago. They could opt to keep guys like Hague and Brannstrom in the AHL, their contracts will still slide as long as they’re not in the NHL past 9 games, which would add more D to the rotation (meaning even more guys that should be playing would have to sit and watch). They could end up with an injury during training camp which would force them to keep additional players up that otherwise would have begun the season in the AHL. Or they could still find a trade to make as they have said they would like to find another good Top 6 winger (presumably unsure if Tatar/Tuch would be adequate 2nd liners or whichever of Haula/Eakin is forced to play middle 6 wing). And if either of McKenzie/Carr get sent down (despite being signed to 1-way NHL deals making more than the guys I penciled into the AHL roster) they would definitely be solid additions to the AHL Top 6 scoring.


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